A simulation-based multi-objective optimization approach for production and logistics considering the shop floor layout

Applied research with Simulation-based Optimization in manufacturing for the improvement of complex production and logistics systems considering the layout.

  • Manufacturing sectors in Sweden have a long history that leads to common non-optimized flows on the shop floor. Especially when having a really high product mix and a low-volume of customized products, a great deal of effort with respect to flow optimization is needed to stay present and compete in the globalized market. The goal of this project is to support the design and development of the implementation of new production systems and logistics flows considering the shop floor plant layout of a Swedish middle-size water pumps factory. In this paper, with the help of different types of simulation models and optimization, some results of a new technologically adapted production line are analyzed and relevant information and potential improvements in the production are found. The further development of optimization studies using the exiting simulation models is stated as ongoing and future work. The obtained and potential results can serve for decision makers and stakeholders to apply changes and adaptations in the system considering the mid and long term goals of the company.


University of Skövde:
Enrique Ruiz Zúñiga  enrique.ruiz.zuniga@his.se
Matias Urenda Moris  matias.urenda.moris@his.se
Anna Syberfeldt  anna.syberfeldt@his.se
Marcus Frantzén  marcus.frantzen@his.se
Leif Pehrsson  leif.pehrsson@volvocars.com
Masood Fathi  masood.fathi@his.se

Xylem Water Solutions:
Johnny Fält  johnny.falt@xyleminc.com
Ola Gustavsson  ola.gustavsson@xyleminc.com
Andreas Olsson  andreas.olsson@xyleminc.com

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