Next Generation Condition Based Maintenance

Bernard Schmidt

My research

My name is Bernard Schmidt and I'm a PhD student within IPSI. The current title of my research is: Next Generation Condition Based Maintenance. The concept is focused on gathering and analysis various data from multiple sources to build the better base for proper maintenance decision. I started my research in the end of 2012 and plan on being finished early 2017. This work is partly funded by Volvo Cars and Volvo GTO and is conducted in close cooperation with them.

Basic Motivations

Maintenance of assembly and manufacturing equipment is crucial to ensure productivity, product quality, on-time delivery, and safe working environment. Nowadays productions systems faced with challenges as a holistic view of the asset and a disturbance free production while number of product changes increase. The various activities and their related data together with product, process and environment data represent Knowledge Domain around each specific manufacturing entity. In most cases this data and information are acquired, processed and stored by different support systems and in different department. This create island of knowledge, both in terms of data and knowledge used, as well as the physical location as such. The holistic view is needed for proper maintenance to ensure disturbance free operation with current and future work conditions. Selection of the most appropriate maintenance strategy should be also based on the economic implication it have on the organization.


The overall aim of this research is to enable efficient improvement of the maintenance performance of real-world or future production systems. This is to be done by the exploration and validation of new, more effective and accurate methods of diagnosis, prognosis and information fusion. The hypothesis behind this aim is that by combining similar knowledge areas for extracting needed information we gain more than when not doing this, or just combining informations without context how they were produced/extracted.

Supervisors and Mentors

People directly involved in my research are:

Principal Supervisor – Professor Lihui Wang, University of Skövde, KTH
Primary Supervisor – Professor Diego Galar, University of Skövde
Industrial Mentors – Sven Wilhelmsson (Volvo GTO), Roland Gustafson, Patrik Rempling (Volvo Cars)
Board of directors of IPSI

Contact info

Bernard Schmidt
Work: 0500-448547
Room: PA320A


Foto av Bernard Scmidt