Retailing and International Business (RIB)

The research areas of the group are SMEs internationalization, Strategic Alliances and Antecedents of Activities in Omni-Channel Retailing.

SMEs (Smal and Medium sized Enterprises) internationalization deals with the sub-suppliers of the automobile industry in the Skaraborg region. A combination of a qualitative and quantitative method is applied and the central concepts are resources, networks, adaptation, learning and customer-orientation. It aims to understanding of how internationalization affects competitiveness. The Strategic Alliances project focuses on Swedish firms operations in eastern and central Europe. A combination of qualitative and quantitative methods is applied. The central concepts are motives, resources, learning, networks and performances. The purpose is to develop a framework of strategic alliances. The retailing research examines the factors which influence consumers’ choice of different channels in a single purchase. The approach is qualitative and the central concepts are needs awareness, information search, evaluating alternatives, purchase decision and post purchases and the purpose is to develop a model of the interaction among channel choice and the decision process.

Research group RIB