Research at the University of Skövde

Research at the University of Skövde should be conducted within a limited number of well-defined specializations. The research environments should have the type of volume, quality and relevance that place them at the forefront on the national scene and they should also be internationally competitive.

Profiling, excellence and competence

The university focuses on five specific fields;

The research that is conducted is mainly need-based and focused on strategic basic research and applied research. All research at the University of Skövde is to be implemented over time in our programs and courses and vice versa.  New research data and new knowledge are also to be integrated in the programs and courses. Excellence in regard to research at the University of Skövde entails working strategically in terms of strengthening our research competence, increasing our scientific production and our knowledge transfer to society as a whole (i.e. third stream activities).


INFINIT is a research environment at the University of Skövde which is supported by KK-stiftelsen (The Knowledge Foundation). In this environment new knowledge is developed in close collaboration between academia and trade and industry. The aim with INFINIT is to search for solutions to current problems and to develop tomorrow’s innovations within the fields of Informatics, Systems Biology and Virtual Systems.   

Research Funding     

The University of Skövde receives 0.25 % of the appropriated public funds for research. What enables us to conduct our successful research is external funding and well-developed collaboration with trade and industry as well as with society as a whole. This is made possible partly by means of INFINIT.

Academic Ceremonies

Every other year the University of Skövde has an academic ceremony where those who have achieved the level of doctorate are conferred upon with a doctoral degree and those who have been selected to become professors are inaugurated. On the 7th of October 2016 the latest academic ceremony was held. 

The University of Skövde

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