School of Health and Education

The School of Health and Education is one of five schools at the University of Skövde. The School has a close relationship with society, local public institutions and infrastructure. This provides excellent conditions to engage in both Swedish and international education as well as research. The academic activities of the school ranges over a wide field characterised by an interdisciplinary approach.

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FamilyExcellence in research

The Health and Learning Research Specialisation encompasses three thematic and interdisciplinary research groups active in the health promotion area. Synergy effects are achieved by integrating these research efforts using ICT into one research specialisation. Research address future societal needs regarding monitoring and promoting health through advanced interventions and personalised care. The aim is to develop and implement new strategies and methods to promote learning and prevent illness.

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Student IHLQuality in education

The University of Skövde is ranked number seven in the national quality evaluation carried out by The Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ)The report compiles the evaluation results of over 2000 higher education programmes at 27 universities that have been the subject of evaluation between 2011 and 2014. Among the newly established universities in Sweden, the University of Skövde came out the strongest in comparison of quality of existing programmes.

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Collaboration IHLCollaboration

The School of Health and Learning collaborates on matters of research and education with a wide range of partners in society from both the public sector, organisations and private enterprises. Our ambition is to continously develop active collaboration projects and to enter new projects with the aim to encourage societal development and further our academic research and educational endeavours.

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The Swedish dialing code is +46.

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