Niklas Torstensson

Niklas Torstensson

Lektor i kognitionsvetenskap

Institutionen för informationsteknologi


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My background

I am a cognitive scientist with a background in computational linguistics and in applied linguistics. My research interrests are focused on different aspects of interaction and communication, between humans as well as humans interacting with different kinds of technology. I am a member of the research groups MTEC (Media, Technology and Culture) and ILab (Interaction Lab).

Current research project

Knowledge Transfer and Sexual Grooming Prevention through Computer Games – Kids, Risk Behaviour and Social Media (KidCOG). The project is receiving 3 million SEK in funding from the Sten A Olsson Foundation to investigate the sexual grooming process and children's use of social media and the Internet, with the aim of preventing online risk behaviour. More information.


Niklas Torstensson