Per Gustavsson

Adjung. lektor i informat.tekn

Institutionen för informationsteknologi


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2014 Outstanding contributions to the development of SISO-STD-011-2014 standard for Coalition Battle Management Language (C-BML), Simulation Interoperability Standards Organisation (SISO)
2008 Outstanding paper award, ”LVC Aspects and Integration of Live Simulation”, Fall Simulation Interoperability Workshop (Fall SIW) Simulation Interoperability Standards Organisation (SISO), Orlando, FL, USA
2008 Willard S. Vaughan, JR Best Student Paper Award, ”Machine Interpretable Representation of commander’s Intent” at the 13th International Command and Control Research and Technology Symposium, June 19, 2008, Seattle, VA, USA
2006 Outstanding paper award, ”Tactical Situation Object – Enabling Joint Crisis Management Training”, Spring Simulation Interoperability Workshop (SpringSIW) Simulation Interoperability Standards Organisation (SISO), Orlando, Providence, RI, USA




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