Internationalisation at the University

Our aim is that collaborations with the University of Skövde should be easy. The atmosphere is open and innovative. We listen to the needs of the world that surrounds us. We can play an important part through our specific knowledge within education and research.

Our cooperation reaches across the Swedish borders. The University of Skövde works together with around 90 universities and other institutions of higher educations around the world.

The International Coordinators at the International Office have the responsibility for the development of new exchange agreements as well as the administration of the existing exchange agreements with universities around the world. This work is also closely coupled with the international tasks at each school within the university.

European programs such as Erasmus and Nordplus are vital to us. Other programs such as Sida-financed exchanges and projects and activities arranged through Linneaus-Palme and Minor Field Studies are important for the development of our internationalisation.

Feel free to contact the International Coordinators if you have questions or ideas about any kind of collaboration with the University of Skövde.