Course literature

There are generally two copies of each course book placed in the Course book collection, next to the information desk. Please note that these books are for library use only. Also note that you cannot borrow course books for use in examinations. Some course books are available as e-books.

You can search for course books in the Library catalogue. Search for words from the title, the author's name and the word kurs (course). The information for shelf will be KURSLITTERATURHYLLAN for course books. The course books are placed in alphabetical order according to title. 

Some course books are placed behind the information desk (there is a note in the library catalogue and in the book shelf). If you would like to read them, please show your library card or passport.

When possible, the library buys course literature as e-books. Some e-books can be read by several people at the same time, others can only be read by one or two at the same time.

When there is a new edition of a course book, the old one will be available for loan. Often you can find out from the preface of the new edition, how much the book has been changed.

Shelves with Course literature

Bonus Copyright

Bonus Copyright provides guidelines on how and where copyrighted works can be copied and spread.

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