E-resources at the library

Our resources are generally IP authenticated. If accessing them outside campus you will be routed through our remote access server.

Outside the University network

You must use your university credentials, the same as for Studentportalen or your web mail.

Login trouble

If you are met by a certificate warning when using our remote access server, please be advised that the connection is safe. Most browsers will support adding an exception making it possible to reach the database, methods for this differs between browsers.

If you experience problems with a specific database, try using another browser.

Your browser must accept cookies. Cookies at his.se.


Some e-books need authentication on campus as well as off campus.

On campus problems

If you experience non browser specific problems with a database while still on campus, accessing it through the remote server may help. This would indicate a rogue IP. Click to enable remote access server, a separate window or tab will open.

This will route traffic through the remote access server until closing all instances of the particular browser. If switching from one browser to another (e.g. Chrome to Firefox etc.) you will need to repeat the procedure.


Library opening hours

Monday-Thursday 08.00-20.00
Friday 08.00-17.00
Saturday 10.00-16.00
Detailed information, irregular opening hours 


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