Continued high performance as the University of Skövde sums up 2013


As the Board of Govenors at the University of Skövde approved the annual report for 2013 last week, they could sum up a year of good results. The University of Skövde has a budget surplus of 30 million Swedish kronor, full production in its educational assignment and research funding won in competition with other researchers have increased by close to 20 percent.

–The Board has received a report which details great cost awareness and positive activities in education and research that provides a good benchmark for both academic and financial quality for the coming years, says Urban Wass, Chairman of the Board.

– We have several strategic recruitments coming up in 2014 that further strengthens our research centers; more qualified researchers in stronger research areas that industry can benefit from, says Sigbritt Karlsson, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Skövde.

Long-term challenge

At the same time, the Vice-Chancellor is facing a long-term challenge in government funding, as an assignment reduction has been announced for universities over the next three years. This means, for example, that there will be fewer educational placements for students.

–We request, backed by our solid results and proven record of high quality, that the government should maintain its current level of funding for the University of Skövde, so that we can continue to take responsibility and contribute in the development of Sweden, Sigbritt Karlsson.