International experts evaluate the research at the university


The university’s research is greater than ever. Currently there are 97 active researchers who has a turnover of 93 million SEK. During this week 22 international experts gathers at the university to evaluate the research from an international perspective.

It is the first individual assessment made that covers the university's entire research. The evaluation will serve as a basis for developing the university's research.

The experts are looking into productivity and collaboration

The review is funded by the Knowledge Foundation and the university itself. It will look into the quality of the research, productivity, collaboration with industry and public administration as well as research impact on society.

The 22 international experts come from Britain, Denmark, Finland, Holland, Italy, Luxembourg, Canada, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany and the United States.

Report on the quality and propose areas of development

Before the visit, the experts examined a comprehensive compilation of figures and descriptions of the university's five research specializations. During the visit, the experts will meet with researchers, university partners, and the university's department of management. After the visit, the experts will compose a report, one for each research specialization, which provides an assessment of the quality of research and proposes areas of development.