Summer Course at Art Hall Combines Game Culture with Art


Computer game development meets fine art when the Valand Academy and the University of Skövde launch their new summer course, located at the Art Hall in Skövde. Together with teachers and international guest speakers, students will explore the relationship between art, play and games.

Games and the notion of play are key elements of our contemporary culture. With increased digitalization, games have strengthened their influence on society, a development that is also seen in the field of arts.

– By bringing together game developers and artists, we want to create interesting encounters and an extra focus on a form of cultural expression still early in its formation, says Arne Kjell Vikhagen, the course leader from Valand Academy.

Arne Kjell Vikhagen, who is a doctoral student on the application of computer game technology in contemporary art at Valand Academy, points out that a number of internationally active game developers and artists have expressed interest in giving guest lectures during the course, such as Brenda Romero, Julian Oliver and Brody Condon.

Throughout the course, the participants will produce and exhibit art works with games and play as central themes, at the art museum. Their work will be on view for the visitors to follow. How to make the processes interesting to follow is a mission for the artist Olle Essvik, who has been assigned as a curator.

Thomas Oldrell, Director at the Art Museum, explains why the museum is involved in the summer course.

– Art must be open to try new work forms, and the same applies to art institutions. When we wanted to do a process-based exhibition on art and games, it was natural to cooperate with Valand and the University of Skövde. My hope is that the exhibition and course will attract great interest.

Lars Vipsjö och Lars Kristensen, both senior lecturers in Media Arts, Aesthetics and Narration, are responsible for the course at the University of Skövde:

– The University of Skövde contributes with the technical aspect into this course, even though our game development students also have artistic strengths. The name of the course is radical play and game development and we look forward to see the result when art meets game development, says Lars Kristensen.

The Valand Academy launched the course 'Art, Play and Games' in 2013, which is offered again in the autumn of 2015. What distinguishes this international summer course is the close cooperation with the university and the art institution in Skövde, and that the course is given on an advanced level.


Course Title: Radical play and game development, 15 hp. The course is taught in English during the summer of 2015. Deadline for applicants: 16 March 2015. The international guest teachers are financed with support from Stena Foundation.

 By Olle Essvik.

Radical Play and Game Development