The University of Skövde continues to welcome international researchers, this time from Brazil


Two Brazilian researchers have been selected to join a team of their peers at The University of Skövde in order to further study the correlation between academia and industry as well as information security systems research.

The Swedish Brazilian Innovation & Research Center has initiated a collaboration project with the sponsorship of the world renowned defense and security corporation Saab.  Through this top of the notch competition, nine Brazilian researchers were chosen to benefit from grants enabling them to continue their research at four of the most select Swedish universities which are KTH, Linköping University, Chalmers University of Technology and The University of Skövde of course.
Leonardo Rocha de Oliveira and Joni de Almeida Amorim are the winners of the vigorous research grant competition in the field of information security. They will be, indeed, conducting their work at the Research Center for Information Technology at the University of Skövde for the duration of one year.
The selection of the University of Skövde to host the winning Brazilian researchers was not based on the size of the institution but rather on the long-term and tight collaboration between the University of Skövde and Saab which have paved the way for this joint effort from early on. Furthermore, the excellent reputation of the University of Skövde within the field of information technology and the fact that the university has a long history in leading and conducting research projects in collaboration with the industry sector were the first basis of this cooperation. The second vector is the fact that Saab’s local activities in Skövde concentrate on the development of training systems for management, cyber-security and sensor platforms, areas which corresponds to the Brazilian scientists’ expertise.