Admissions Office

The Admissions Office at the University of Skövde can assist exchange students from partner universities abroad. Free-movers who want to apply to our programmes at master's and bachelor's level must be submit their application via, the national Swedish university application service.

Admission to courses for exchange students is a different process than that of other international students. Only students from universities that the University of Skövde has an exchange student agreement with can be nominated and admitted to exchange studies.

Students from all over the world, including non-nominated students from partner universities, can apply to our international master's programmes (second cycle), as well as single-subject courses at undergraduate (basic, first-cycle) or graduate (advanced, second-cycle) level.

Basic requirements for masters' programmes and graduate courses are a Bachelor's degree and proof of English proficiency. Basic requirements for undergraduate courses are a completed upper secondary education and proof of English proficiency.

Beyond this, most programmes and courses have specific requirements, such as prior completed courses within a certain subject area.

You can read more about the admission process here.



Questions about admission? Phone: +46 (0)500-44 82 00

Questions about admission for exchange students? Phone: +46 (0)500-44 82 00

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