Tuition fees and Payment

Students with citizenship in countries not within the EU/EEA, or Switzerland, are required to pay application and tuition fees for university studies in Sweden.

Please consult University Admissions to find out more about application and tuition fees, and if you are required to pay them.

Students liable for tuition fees

  • Students from countries outside the European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA)
  • Students studying at a basic (bachelor) or advanced (master) level
  • Students who commence their studies autumn 2011 or later

Students not liable for tuition fees

  • Students from countries inside the European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA)
  • Students studying at research level (PhD)
  • Exchange students (regardless of origin)
  • Students who started a course or programme before 1 July 2011 may finish that same course or programme without paying tuition fees until 31 December 2018.

The University of Skövde offers some scholarships to master students that cover 50% of the tuition fee.

Price brackets

The University of Skövde has tuition fees in two price brackets for study programmes (per academic year – 60 ECTS). These are the fees for the academic year 2019/2020:

  • Programmes in price bracket 1 (P1): 90,000 SEK (per academic year – 60 ECTS)
  • Programmes in price bracket 2 (P2): 130,000 SEK (per academic year – 60 ECTS)

The tuition fees for separate courses are also divided into two price brackets (per one ECTS credit):

  • Courses in price bracket 1 (C1): 2,000 SEK (per credit)
  • Courses in price bracket 2 (C2): 2,500 SEK (per credit)

Price bracket 1

Humanities, Law, Social Science, and Teaching/Education belong to price bracket 1.

Price bracket 2

Life Science, Technology, Medicine, Health Science, and Design belong to price bracket 2.


Payment of the application fee

An application fee of 900 SEK (Swedish kronor) should be paid to University Admissions according to their instructions in order for your application to be processed.

The application fee is administered by University Admissions, not the University of Skövde.

Payment of the tuition fee

Once you have received your notification of selection results (admission letter) to the University of Skövde, you will receive an invoice by email. With the invoice you will receive information on how and when the payment of the tuition fee should be made.

The payment should be made by bank transfer. The tuition fee is to be paid in Swedish kronor (SEK). If payment is not made on the dates stated on the invoice, the admission will be cancelled or you will be suspended from studies.

The payment should be made in advance before each semester in accordance to the invoice.

If you have been granted a scholarship, the amount awarded will be deducted from your invoice accordingly.

Once the first instalment of the tuition fee is paid, you will be able to apply for your residence permit for studies through the Swedish Migration Agency.

For detailed information, please read our Guidelines regarding tuition fees.


Free language courses offered for fee-paying students

As a fee-paying student at the University of Skövde you receive an exclusive offer to study two extra Swedish language courses free of charge alongside your Bachelor's or Master's studies.

Swedish Society and Swedish Culture G1N (3 ECTS) is given during the first week of every semester. You will be introduced to the Swedish culture and society and learn some useful Swedish phrases. 

Swedish for Foreign Students: oral proficiency and listening comprehension G1N 7.5 ECTS is taught in the first part of the semester and the student will acquire basic academic knowledge about Swedish phonology and pronunciation. You will practice oral skills and comprehension in the classroom and in the language laboratory.

Admitted students will receive more information about how to sign up for the courses.


The University of Skövde offers a number of partial scholarships to students who are attending a Master's programme at the University and who are liable for tuition fees.

Read more about scholarships