Living in Skövde

Nearly one in five inhabitants of Skövde is a student, so it is easy to understand that the school atmosphere permeates the city. Skövde has almost everything you would want from a bigger city, and all that you wish for in a smaller one... Even if you are here to study and focused on getting an interesting job thereafter - who ever said that you can't enjoy yourself in the meantime?

Student life

In Skövde, you are never far from fun things to do, whether you're looking for nightlife, nature experiences or culture. Here you will find a wide selection of shops, restaurants and entertainment - all within easy walking or cycling distance from the University and your student accommodation. How about a visit to the theatre or an art gallery? Perhaps a movie night or a visit to one of the many pubs, taverns, nightclubs or cafés?

Working out

If you want to exercise and be active alongside your studies, there are plenty of possibilities. Skövde has an abundance of football fields, gyms and sports halls, or why not try floorball, martial arts, gymnastics, hockey, slalom skiing, table tennis, tennis, swimming, handball, badminton, frisbee or any of the other sports available? If you can't find exactly the right activity for you, contact the student body, and maybe we can help you start something with other likeminded individuals.

Mountain, lakes and Boulogner

Skövde is situated at the base of Mount Billingen, so just lace on your walking boots and go discover the hiking trails. You can also go jogging, cross-country skiing or fishing in one of several fishing lakes - all paired with a fantastic view. By bike or car you can reach the countryside, and see for example "Silverfallen" (a waterfall which is spectacular in the spring), "Ryds ängar" (Ryd's meadows) or Linnaeus' beech trees. In the summertime you can take a swim in Lake Simsjön, which has a nice beach with a pier, kiosk and miniature golf courses.  

If you want to stay in town, but still want to feel the grass between your toes, there's also the Boulogner park - close to both the University and the city centre. In the park, there are birdlakes, rolling green lawns, and even some newly built children's outdoor swimming facilities. There is also a small lake with a beach, where you can take a swim or have a picnic with your friends.


Film, music, theatre, art, musical theatre, dance - to experience or be a part of? Skövde is a well-known theatre and film city. The Gothenburg Opera has a local permanent stage here and there is also a local theatre company.

The Culture Center in Skövde is Sweden's first, and here you will find an art museum, an art gallery, educational workshops and libraries. There is also the Odéon theater, which is the focal point of the annual city film festival. The Culture Center is located next door to "Rosa Huset" ("The Pink House"), which houses a regional graphic arts workshop, public workshops for copper graphics and lithography, a media workshop, a gallery and cultural center, and Skövde Art School.

There are also several museums and galleries in Skövde, as well as numerous courses and clubs for those who would like to try their hand at photography, painting, graphics, theatre, dance, juggling, etc.

Studying with children

It is possible to combine university studies with parenthood, however it can be a challenge to find appropriate accommodation in Skövde. Students with families must look for accommodation on their own, as this is a service that the University cannot provide. The University do not own any facilities and the accommodation that we offer are single rooms primarily. To be able to have a student apartment for a family one must sign up in the student queue system at Skövdebostäder in good advance which means 6 - 12 months. 

Skövde Municipality has approximately 35 daycare facilities, one of which is open around the clock. You can choose daycare for your children, that are one years old and above, directly at Skövde Municipality's website, Childcare fees in Skövde Municipality are based on the parents' total income. If you are living on student aid, this qualifies as your income. To be qualified for childcare both parents must be studying or working. To be able to have childcare in Skövde an application for a place in a preschool should be made 6 months before desired date.

Living costs

To get an idea of the average living costs of a Swedish university student, visit Study in Sweden and cost of living i Sweden

Quick facts

  • Population: approximately 54,000
  • Transport services: approximately 200 regional buses and trains pass through Skövde every day
  • Restaurants and cafés: approximately 50
  • Mountains: 1
  • Gyms: 6
  • Downhill slopes: 1
  • Golf courses: 3
  • Swimming: 1 public swimming pool, 1 lake
  • Jogging tracks: 12
  • Cinemas: 6
  • Skating rink: 1 indoor, 1 outdoor
  • Theatres: 2
  • Angling lakes: 4

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