Bachelor's Studies

The University of Skövde currently offers two International Bachelor's programme:

Engineering Course Combinations

As an exchange student you can also achieve a Bachelor's degree by combining a few courses put together in the engineering course combination packages.

Bachelor's Studies taught in Swedish

The University of Skövde offers many other Bachelor's programmes, which are only taught in Swedish.

Free language courses offered for fee-paying students

As a fee-paying student at the University of Skövde you receive an exclusive offer to study two extra Swedish language courses free of charge alongside your Bachelor's or Master's studies.

Swedish Society and Swedish Culture G1N (3 ECTS) is given during the first week of every semester. You will be introduced to the Swedish culture and society and learn some useful Swedish phrases. 

Swedish for Foreign Students: oral proficiency and listening comprehension G1N 7.5 ECTS is taught in the first part of the semester and the student will acquire basic academic knowledge about Swedish phonology and pronunciation. You will practice oral skills and comprehension in the classroom and in the language laboratory.

Admitted students will receive more information about how to sign up for the courses.