Prior Learning and Exemptions

You can be considered eligible for a course or a programme despite the fact you don't meet the formal entry requirements. This can be done by referring to your accumulated competence, if you document it completely and clearly.

If you do not fulfil the requirements formally but still feel that you have acquired the knowledge needed to study a specific course or programme, you can apply for recognition of prior learning. In the application you must describe in what way you acquired knowledge and proficiency that gives you the ability to pursue higher studies.

To apply for recognition of prior learning you must first make an application for a course or programme.

The application must be made no later than 15th of January for autumn semester and 15th of August for the spring semester. The application must be submitted via University admissions.

The decision of admission requirements applies only to qualifications for the program. The decision of prior learning and exemption from admission requirements does not guarantee the possibility of a bachelor/master´s degree. Read more about degree certificate.

Interested in making an application? Please consult with a Student and Career Counsellor.

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Student and Career Counsellor
Ingrid Christensson

Admission Officer
Maria Brännstam