Followership and Organizational Resilience (FORE)

Followership and Organizational Resilience is a research group that works with practice-oriented studies of organizational relationships, processes, and approaches.

As our fundamental perspective, we maintain that leaders (both formal and informal) and followers jointly construct leadership. The concept of followership emphasizes the importance of followers’ work roles. This concept is especially important in the decentralized work environment that is a characteristic of Swedish companies and organizations.

We also examine what creates viability and sustainability in organizations: Organizational resilience. Our focus is the organizational capacity for long-term resilience and renewal. Thus, we reject the limited focus on short-term measures. Organizational resilience requires the continual creation and recreation of different resources – financial, technical, and social – combined in effective processes that have both an inter- and intra-organizational nature.

Followership and organizational resilience are the guiding principles of the group because these concepts challenge the prevailing idea in management/leadership research that leaders and managers, with their superior knowledge as well as power, can predict and control the future. We are interested in reality, not the fantasies of heroic leadership, and in how management must be interactive and inclusive.

The group’s goal is to be a national leader in practice-oriented research on followership and organizational resilience.