Knowledge, Innovation and Marketing (KIM)

Welcome to the Knowledge, Innovation and Marketing (KIM) Research Group

The KIM research group brings together academic scholars from diverse backgrounds to investigate how established and new companies and organizations manage their organizational knowledge in their quest to exploit present and future business opportunities in a sustainable way.

The KIM research group is pleased to have access to a number of international researchers working on KIM-related topics and continuously works on the extension of this network.

The purpose of the KIM research group is to extend the scientific body of knowledge concerning the related fields of knowledge management, innovation management and marketing and to contribute to practice. The group’s interest is in investigating how companies and organizations transform their knowledge into innovative outputs to achieve sustainable business development.

Research undertaken in the group takes different lenses, uses different research methods, analyzes different types of organizations and explores KIM-related topics in different countries.

KIM members have a broad portfolio of knowledge management, innovation management and marketing expertise gained from working with a variety of national and international private and public organizations. The aim is to use this expertise and to develop it further.

Expertise can be found in the areas of:

  • Knowledge management
  • Knowledge risk management
  • Innovation management in SMEs
  • Open Innovation
  • Exporting relationships
  • Digitalization
  • Strategic management
  • Services marketing
  • Retail marketing