Professional Accounting Practices and Sustainability

The research group Professional Accounting Practices and Sustainability (PAPS) focuses on the practices of accounting, auditing, and supervision. Professionals working in these fields play an important role for the achievement of environmental, social, and economic sustainability. Their work has changed significantly during recent decades, primarily due to an increased international regulation, but also because the work has come to include new tasks. As it is essential that stakeholders can trust the activities of organizations and the practices of accounting and auditing, the responses from professionals to new challenges need continuous inquiries.

Accounting is a central theme in our studies. An account can be oral or written, may include figures or not, and may refer to different aspects of human and organizational activities. Common to all accounting is that it is done to make the world comprehensible and to explain and defend actions. Our studies encompass both accounts given within organizations but also in the external communications of organizations.

The aim of the group is to become nationally prominent in the research on accounting and trust by participating in the development of knowledge and methods for e.g. performance evaluation, knowledge-accomplishing activities, and improved labour conditions in organizations.

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