Health Sciences

In Sweden, as in many other Western countries, the problem of illness related to physical, mental, emotional and social dimensions is ever increasing. The result is not only great suffering for the affected individual, but has implications for the public sector and society as a whole. This highlights the need to develop multidisciplinary, evidence-based methods to promote health and learning to cope with health conditions. To identify practices and methods that promote health and learning in a short as well as a long term perspective and at both an individual and a societal level.

It is important to understand the mechanism behind experience, educational training, informal and formal learning throughout the life course, support and care routines that influence the promotion of health and learning. The results of interdisciplinary mediation, which is built on a profound knowledge of people's experience, sense making and health processes, in the physical, mental, emotional and social dimensions, are important objects of study. The knowledge of how people learn and take responsibility for their health situation – on an existential, social, communicative and relational level - needs to be extended in order to develop and implement new approaches and methods in support of health and learning. This knowledge will be used to further develop evidence based and efficient actions for health promotion. It will also enable the introduction of new strategies to promote health and learning in the private and public sector at both the individual and societal level. University of Skövde research fields Health and Education