Enrolled at other universities

PhD students within research areas where the University of Skövde has no entitlement to award PhD degrees, are enrolled at other universities.

The University of Skövde's duty

The University of Skövde offers PhD training in all research specialisations by collaborating and signing cooperation agreements with other universities. The admitting university is formally responsible for the examination and the individual study plan. The University of Skövde on her part guarantees PhD supervision and pays the PhD student’s salary, if specified in the agreement.

Licentiate seminar or public defence

If your licentiate seminar / public defence will take place at the University of Skövde, please consider the following:

  • The University of Skövde needs to advertise your licentiate seminar / public defence. Please get in touch with research officer (see "Contact") no later than three months before the desired date.
  • Book a room for your seminar / pubic defence, preferably 10 weeks before the desired date.

Nailing and publication in DiVA:

  • Upload the electronic version of your thesis in the DiVA database and leave two physical copies to the university library, preferably three weeks before the desired licentiate seminar / public defence. For more information click here.
  • It is also possible to nail up your thesis on a board at the library entrance. Click here for more information.

Otherwise, the rules of your admitting university apply.