Interested in becoming a PhD student?

Find out about how you can become a PhD student at the University of Skövde

Practical information for applicants

  • PhD studies at the University of Skövde are funded, as a rule, by a PhD student employment.
  • PhD positions are always published on our job opportunities website.
  • All candidates, without exceptions, need to go through a formal application procedure: For every recruitment an expert group draws up a job description for the PhD position and makes a selection among the applicants.
  • The University of Skövde offers no PhD scholarships or study grants.
  • In order to become a PhD student you need to meet the entry requirements and have an employment at the University of Skövde or financing through a salary from another employer (click here for more information).
  • Even lecturers (Swedish: adjunkter) have the opportunity to participate part-time in a PhD training.

PhD programme in Informatics

Since 1 January 2011 the University of Skövde awards PhD degrees in Informatics.The PhD programme in Informatics covers a broad spectrum of information technology-related disciplines ranging from the study of media and organizational computing to the technical disciplines. Click here for more information about our research groups in informatics.

A part of the PhD students carry out their PhD training within The Industrial PhD School of Informatics - IPSI.

Other PhD programmes

The University of Skövde also trains PhD students in other subject areas, such as social psychology, business management, health science or biomedicine. PhD students are enrolled at other universities and conduct their research at the University of Skövde. Please click here for more information.

PhD job opportunities

All PhD positions are advertised on the university's job opportunities website.