The PhD student council

The purpose of the PhD council is to be a network for the PhD students at the University of Skövde (HiS) and to work for the improvement of the work situation for the PhD students. Through the council we have a possibility to affect the physical and psychosocial work environment, the quality of the PhD education and to promote a scientific discussion which transcends the boundaries of schools/institutions/departments.

The board of the PhD council also organizes PhD seminars and other social activities to achieve a greater unity among the PhD students at HiS.

The PhD council at the University of Skövde works to increase the PhD students influence on their education and work situation

The board of the PhD council

The board of the PhD council appoints PhD representatives to boards and council related to research and the education of PhD students. All these commissions of trust gives the individual representative right to compensation. Such commissions are also meriting and valuable even after disputation.
The board of the council meets once every month and consists of representatives from three schools. The aim is that all schools should be represented on the board. During the past year the student council has, among other things, been a part of the development of courses at PhD student level as well as organized academic and social activities.

Do you want to make your voice heard?

The PhD council is currently searching for new representatives to be a part of its board. Do you want to make your voice heard and exert your influence? Let us know!

As a PhD student you can always contact the board if you have any questions regarding your PhD education, if you want to tell us your point of view of something or get involved with all of the fun that we get up to. Please contact


  • Elio Ventocilla, Chairman (
  • Yuning Jiang, PhD Student
  • András Márki, PhD Student
  • Vipul Nair, PhD Student
  • Henrik Smedberg, PhD Student
  • Niclas Ståhl, PhD Student