Cognitive Neuroscience and Philosophy

The field of cognitive neuroscience is relatively new and integrates psychology, biology and philosophy by describing various central themes such as perception, language, memory, and consciousness. Research in cognitive neuroscience aims to increase knowledge and understanding on how different human abilities or characteristics are reflected in the form of activity in the brain.


Research in cognitive neuroscience and philosophy at the University of Skövde focuses mainly on consciousness and its neural mechanisms as well as the philosophical issues surrounding the topic. This includes the study of altered states of consciousness such as sleep, dreams, anesthesia and hypnosis. Also, attention, visual consciousness, empathy, and subjective well-being belong to our research areas.

Goals and Objectives

The main purpose of our research is to increase understanding on what human consciousness is but also to study methods to increase human well-being. Our basic assumption is that consciousness is a natural phenomenon and is a product of brain functioning. The emphasis is on basic research and theoretical and philosophical issues, however, some projects hopefully will lead to practical methods in increasing human well-being.


The research group currently consists of 12 members from various backgrounds like psychology, philosophy and cognitive neuroscience.

Kognitiv neurovetenskap och filosofi