The Virtual Engineering Research Specialisation

Within the research field of Virtual Engineering researchers work with applied research in regard to increasing knowledge connected to the development and use of computer based virtual models with an emphasis on developing products, processes and systems. Today the research is centred round the following areas which also represent the research that is being conducted within each respective research team.

Production and automation engineering
Production and automation engineering focuses on design, analysis and optimization of integrated systems involving people, products/resources and processes connected to for example manufacturing, transport, supply chains and health and medical services, with a view to substantially improving both efficiency, quality and sustainable development for decision support.

User Centred Product Design
The main objective is to provide support for individuals who design products as a part of their profession. Central to this is the development of decision support which is primarily based on the use of computer based tools, e.g. in the form of DHM tools (digital human modelling), checklists, experience based knowledge or guidelines, artificial intelligence, simulation or the use of multi-optimization techniques.

Mechanics of Materials
The team develops methods for the analysis of products and the strength of materials. In addition, the team studies the mechanics of process points in product engineering.

Physics and Mathematics


Our vision is to represent a specialization of international significance in regard to the development and use of computer based virtual models with a focus on developing products, processes and systems.