User Centred Product Design

The overall objective of the research in the User Centred Product Design (UCPD) research group is: "The development of knowledge, tools and methods for successful consideration of user related factors in product realisation processes".

UCPD research areas



We believe that customer value is created from engineers and product designers having a good understanding of the diversity of users’ needs and expectations, and then having an efficient product development process, with appropriate tools and methods, to generate solutions that meet or exceed those needs and expectations. Ambitions are to include wide user groups, where product design solutions offer good ergonomics, positive user experiences and perceptions of product quality for all targeted users. Overall this is to offer individual life quality, meet social sustainability objectives and support profitable business. The term “product” is to be interpreted in a wide manner; it may cover items like consumer products, vehicles, workstations, information systems etc.

Within this wide scope we do research in the following focus areas:

  • Digital Human Modelling
    Research about methods and tools to model and simulate human-product interactions, for the design of ergonomic products and workstations. This also includes human-robot interaction. Contact person: Dan Högberg
  • Anthropometry
    Research related to collection, treatment, use and communication of anthropometric data for the purpose of design. Contact person: Erik Brolin
  • Industrial Information Design
    Research about work related information, and development of methods for the design of industrial information systems, applying and contributing to knowledge areas such as cognitive ergonomics. This also includes human-robot interaction. Contact person: Peter Thorvald
  • Smart textiles
    Research about how smart textiles can be applied in industry to improve interaction, ergonomics and productivity. This also includes human-robot interaction. Contact person: Lars Hanson


Our aim is to, in collaboration with other researchers and industry, generate new knowledge and piece by piece achieve our joint goals. As our research is applied in its nature we strive for close interaction with the world outside academia. Together we identify problems and find solutions. Through the links on the right side we present current and carried out research projects.


Research Group Leader

Members of UCPD

Anna Brolin, Associate Senior Lecturer

Erik Brolin, Senior Lecturer

Francisco Garcia Rivera, Research Assistant

Lars Hanson, Professor / Scania, Part-time at Univ. of Skövde

Dan Högberg, Professor

Aitor Iriondo, PhD Student

Ari Kolbeinsson, Senior Lecturer

Estela Perez Luque, Research Assistant

Peter Thorvald, Associate Professor / Docent

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