Virtual Ergonomics Centre

VEC is a research network in Sweden. We are interested in doing research about simulation and visualisation of ergonomics. The core group of VEC consists of Professors and senior researchers linked to Chalmers University of Technology, University of Skövde and Lund University.


"VEC's vision is to be an internationally recognized and the leading Swedish supplier of knowledge and tools within the area of ergonomics simulation and visualisation."


VEC's strategy is to continuously perform high quality research in right composed groups from industry and academia, and implement research findings in tools and procedures.

  • Maintain and further improve a strong, fruitful and flexible cooperation between industry and academia.
  • Continuously engage in research projects in relevant areas.
  • Continuously seek fundings from national and European suppliers within the area of ergonomics, human factors and systems engineering.
  • Stimulate engagement of highly qualified researchers and doctoral students.

The strength of the centre shall be a smooth and open dialogue between academia and industry enabling short decision paths and rapid access to reality based data, which can serve as a basis for new theories and applications.

Virtual Ergonomics Centre