Current projects

Mechanics of Materials current and previous projects.

Models to improve Design of Composites (MDC) (2014-2016) is KK-Miljö project aiming at improving the predictive capability for fracture of composites.

Lightweight joints (2013-2014) is a Volvo APP project aiming at the development of cost-effective and lightweight joints.

PLUGG (2013-2016) is a FFI-project aiming at the development of joints suitable for multimaterial applications.

Fatigue of adhesively bonded structures (2011-2014) is a KK HÖG project where fatigue of adhesive joints is in focus. Partners are Scania, Volvo Cars, Volvo AB and DOW. Project leader Dr Thomas Carlberger.

UDEL is an ongoing corporation with the Center of Composite Materials at University of Delaware, USA. Project leader Dr Svante Alfredsson.

Previous projects

Så Nätt (2011-2013) is a FFI project with FKG, Volvo Cars, Swedish universities and a large number of OEMs aiming at developing techniques to reduce the weight of cars.

EFFEKT (2009-2012) is a NFFP project with Saab Aerostructures. The project also involves Swedish research institutes. The project aims at improving effective use of composite materials in aircraft structures. Local project leader Dr Anders Biel.

FiKom (2010-2012) is a NFFP project with Volvo Aero. The project aims at developing methods to characterize strength properties associated with fracture of the fibres in composites. Local project leader Dr Anders Biel.

MASLIM (2009-2011) is a HÖG project within KKS. With five partners from Swedish industry and research institutes, we develop methods for strength analysis of adhesively bonded vehicles structures in an industrial environment.

FUTURA (2007-2010) is an integrated project within EU 6th frame programme. The project involves 18 partners from the European car industries, subcontractors, research institutes and academia. The project aims at introducing multifunctional materials in the car industry.

VIP (2009-2011) is an industrial post-doc program supported by Saab Automobile and KKS. It focuses on lean and virtual product development. Local project leader Dr Mats Jägstam.