Computer games

Our work on computer games takes in all aspects ranging from game design and programming techniques to the sociological analysis of gaming culture and philosophical discussion of what constitutes a computer game. Our work on game design is inherently cross and multi-disciplinary in focus. It is primarily concerned with the analysis of player experience and the creation of systems that will be perceived as 'good games'. We are concerned to identify the conditions under which games can incorporate narrative and story elements that work alongside pleasing and interesting rule systems. We also have a strong interest in the visual component of games and in the design of on-screen environments that captivate and motivate players. This cluster includes scholars working on the philosophy of computer games: trying to work out what they are, where they stand in the history of media forms, and viewing them in social and cultural context. We have a particular interest in challenging the largely masculine culture that has held sway around computer games and in identifying the sources of gender bias in gaming culture.