Research for Change

The researchers at the University of Skövde want to contribute to making changes. That is why our research efforts are carried out in tight collaboration with our community. Furthermore, the research has a clear connection to the education at the university. Our aim is that the university's research should make a difference locally, nationally as well as internationally. The share of the research that receives external funds is 63% (2016), and our principal contributors are KK-stiftelsen (The Knowledge Foundation), the EU, the Region Västra Götaland, and private companies.

The University of Skövde has five research fields. Three of these are: Systems Biology, Information Technology, and Virtual Engineering. These three form the foundation for INFINIT. The university's joint theme of Digitalization for Sustainable Development should always be integrated into all research projects and environments to the greatest extent possible.


The research environment INFINIT is a long term effort made possible by KK-stiftelsen (The Knowledge Foundation) with the goal of providing the university with a complete research and education environment for a specific subject profile. Our activities are take place in close collaboration with the business environment. INFINIT provides the university with a very good platform from which we can collaborate with various companies and make contributions to their competitiveness, while developing our own research and education programmes.

Our Research Fields