More IT

Brief information regarding some useful IT systems available at the University.


You can use Zoom for video conferences. With this tool you can share information and chat online. Contact Helpdesk if you need help using Zoom.

Remote Access

If you want to reach your home directory remotely, you can connect via SSH. Follow the guide for SSH Connection on HelpIT.

You can also use VMware Horizon Client to get access to the computer environment. Follow the guide for VMware Horizon on HelpIT.

Free WiFi for guests: hisguest

Hisguest is a wireless network for guests at the University of Skövde, such as guest lecturers or visitors in the library. You can get the guest logins at the main reception, at the IT helpdesk or at the library.



IT Helpdesk 

Phone: 0500-44 88 00
Desk: Building E, first floor (next to Student services)

Opening hours


Weekdays 10-11.30 and 12.30-14.30


Weekdays 8-11.30, 12.30-16


Watched weekdays 8-16

System maintenance

IT service conducts system maintenance once a month, normally Fridays from 8 am to 12 pm. You may experience system errors in all University IT-systems.

Maintenance windows 2019:

  • Jan 11
  • Feb 15
  • Mar 15
  • Apr 12
  • May 17
  • Jun 14
  • Jul 12
  • Aug 16
  • Sep 20
  • Oct 11
  • Nov 15
  • Dec 13