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A selection of frequently asked questions gathered from all support and service contacts at the University of Skövde.


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My studies

Registration and admission

QuestionHow do I register for a course?

1. Retrieve your user account
2. Log in to Studentportalen
3. Visit "My studies>Registration" and follow the instructions.

QuestionWhen does the registration period start?

Registration usually opens two weeks before the start of a semester. For more information, see our Academic Calendar.

QuestionI want to retake a course, what do I need to do?

Contact the Admissions Office or your course coordinator. Should you need any resources, as in course material or teachers, to finish a previously started course a re-registration is required. Written examinations may be taken without re-registering. The Admissions Office only allow re-registrations if a spot is available, and provided that the course coordinator has granted permission.

QuestionI need to take a break from or quit my studies, can you help me?

If you plan on continuing your studies later, provided that the programme is still offered, an approved leave from studies is required. You may request an approval by submitting the form Application for approved leave from studies. During an approved leave from studies, you may complete written examinations or re-examinations, but not participate in any seminars or other means of instruction.

If you have decided to quit a course or programme completely, you need to report a study drop-out by contacting studieavbrott@his.se. When the study drop-out is registered, you will not be allowed to participate in any related written examinations, seminars, or other means of instruction.

Course information

QuestionWhat is Scio?

Scio is the learning platform at the University of Skövde. Scio is the place where you, as a student, can collaborate, share files and communicate with teachers and fellow students during your courses.

QuestionHow do I access course material in Scio?

Your course sites in Scio can be found under the tab "Scio - learning platform" in Studentportalen. Course sites are accessible through the corresponding course code in the top menu. Click this code for more information about the course.

QuestionI cannot find my course site in Scio

To view a course site you must be registered for the course. You may have to wait for up to four hours after registration before the course site becomes visible. Should you still not see the course site, try contacting the course coordinator. Most course sites are published in close connection to the start of the course, which means you will likely not be able to view any course sites in Scio until the start of each semester.

QuestionWhere can I find my course or programme syllabus?

Under "My studies>My education" in Studentportalen you will find courses you are, or have been, registered for. Click on a course for more information, including course syllabus and reading list. Programme syllabus can be found under the tab "My programmes".


QuestionWhere can I find my schedule?

Your personal schedule can be found in the schedule portlet on the upper right of Studentportalen's start page. More schedule related information.

QuestionCourses are missing from my personal schedule

Your personal schedule in Studentportalen shows activities within the courses you are registered for. If courses are missing you may either not be registered for the course, or the course may not have any scheduled activities. There is an option under the link "Schedule settings" to include courses you are admitted to but not registered for.

If you have been re-registered for a course and cannot see it in the schedule, contact the Admissions Office. In order to find the schedule for a specific course you can go to "My education>My courses", click on the course and choose "Schedule".


QuestionHow do I sign up for a written examination?

Go to "My studies>Examination sign up" in Studentportalen, where you will find upcoming written examinations available for sign-up. The sign-up starts 4 weeks before each examination and ends 7 days before.

When preparing for an examination from a previous semester, keep in mind that signing up through Studentportalen is not always possible (if the course or examination code has changed). In these cases you need to check for upcoming examinations yourself and sign up through the Student Affairs Office.

QuestionWhere will my written examination take place?

Almost all examinations take place in our examination rooms in building A, floor 3. Details are announced at the main entrance on the same day.

QuestionWhere can I find previous examinations?

To prepare for an examination, you may use this system to search for previous examinations in the same course. Keep in mind though that upcoming examinations will likely be based on new content.

QuestionHow do I retrieve a marked examination?

Written examinations are retrieved from the Student Affairs Office i building E, floor 2, upon presenting your valid photo ID.

Certificates and results

QuestionHow do I retrieve a transcript or registration certificate?

Under "My studies>Certificate" in Studentportalen you can create a verifiable transcript or registration certificate, which may for example be sent to a future employer.

QuestionMy results are not visible, how come?

The examiner has 15 working days to mark an examination, while the Student Affairs Officers have 3 additional working days to enter the result. If the result is not available after 18 working days, and the course is not subject to exemption, you may contact the course coordinator who will guide you further. Results can be viewed under "My studies>Results" in Studentportalen. More about results.

Degree certificate

QuestionAll of my courses are finished, why are they not visible when I apply for a degree certificate?

When the remaining part of a course is graded, there is a gap of a few days before the whole course is considered as completed in our systems. You may submit your application anyway, since it will become valid when the grade is registered.

QuestionHow long does it take to receive a degree certificate?

The University of Skövde aims to issue degree certificates within two months of an application.

QuestionHow long after completing my studies may I apply for a degree certificate?

If your studies began before 1st July 2007, you must complete all courses before 30th June 2015 to apply for a degree certificate. However, if you started studying after 1st July 2007 there is currently no time limit for applying for a degree certificate.

Practical information

User Account

QuestionHow do I obtain a user account?

You are eligible for a user account as soon as you have been admitted to a course or programme. More about how to obtain and use a user account.

QuestionI have lost, or would like to change, my password

If you have forgotten your password, there are a few different ways to change it.

QuestionWhere can I find my student e-mail (webmail)?

The University webmail is accessible through mail.his.se. You need to enter only your user name when logging in, which means excluding @student.his.se. It is your responsibility to take notice of the important official information sent to your webmail. As a precaution, you may want to forward all these e-mails to one of your private e-mail accounts.

Personal information

QuestionI have changed my name. Is there anything I need to do?

Since permanent addresses, first and last names are updated through the Swedish Tax Agency once a week, you should not need to specifically inform us of a name change. However if you just started studying here and the information is incorrect, please contact the Student Affairs Office.

QuestionHow do I update my address?

A temporary address may be specified under "My profile" in Studentportalen.


QuestionHow do I obtain an access card?

If you are registered for a course this semester, you may print a personal application form from "My profile>Access card" in Studentportalen and submit to Reprocentralen in building A. More about the access card.

QuestionWhat are the University of Skövde's opening hours?

On the page Opening hours you will find the opening hours of our Campus buildings and different service desks, including phone support hours.

Printing and copying

QuestionHow do I use the University's printers?

To use the University's printing system HiSPrint you will need a user account and a PayEx account, including a connection between the two. More about getting started with HiSPrint.

QuestionI need to make some copies, can you assist me?

For assistance in copying, binding or large scale printing, contact Reprocentralen in building A.



QuestionHow do I get a library card?

See information about Library card and lending rules.

QuestionCan I find all course literature at the Library?

See the following link for information about course literature at the Library.

QuestionHow do I book a group study room in the Library?

The group study rooms in the Library are booked through this booking calendar. Other group study rooms on Campus may not be booked by students, but you can see which ones are likely available through Today's available group study rooms.

Student and career counselling

QuestionHow can I contact a Student and Career Counsellor?

Depending on in which area you are studying or plan to study, there is a designated Student and Career Counsellor available for guidance. Find your Student and Career Counsellor.

QuestionWhat does Student and Career Counselling involve?

Counselling involves finding possibilities regardless of qualifications, and assistance through the studies - from presumptive student to alumni. It also involves providing information about available courses and programmes and their contents. More about student and career counselling.

Skövde Student Union

QuestionWhat are the main tasks of the Student Union?

The Skövde Student Union aims to keep your studies at a high level of quality, whether on or outside of campus. If you wish to know more about how to become a member, the added benefits, and where to buy activity tickets etc. please see the Student Union web page.

QuestionIs membership of the Student Union mandatory?

No, becoming a member is entirely optional. Membership is however recommended since you never know when a situation may arise where you will need the support and influence of the Student Union.

Additional student support

Useful links

Student life


QuestionHow do I find an apartment?

See this link for information about accommodation.


QuestionWhere can you eat or grab a coffee?

On campus you will find restaurants Orangeriet and Götasalen. If you brought your own lunch box, there are microwave ovens in all the larger buildings on campus. More information about our food facilities.