International buddy – an amazing opportunity!

The University of Skövde strives to receive an increased number of international students from all over the world. For an international student the everyday life that they are used to can differ a great deal from our Swedish everyday life here in Skövde. There may be things that a Swedish student takes for granted, but that may not be as obvious to anyone coming from a different country and another culture.

As an international buddy you can be a great support in the beginning of the studies for the new students, by welcoming and guiding these students with care and openness. As an international buddy you work as a link between the University, the Student Union and other students, both Swedish and international.

During the international introduction the University of Skövde, along with the student association ESN, offers a great deal of information and activities. You can see the introduction schedule here, along with other important information. The international introduction week starts one week before the regular start of the semester.

If you want to become an international buddy, please contact

Your effort is valuable and appreciated!

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