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Apply for pick-up service from the train station in Skövde

How to reach Skövde

By air and train

The best way to get to Skövde is to fly to Stockholm or Göteborg (Gothenburg) and take the train from there to Skövde. For further information concerning the timetables and ticket reservations, please contact SJ (Swedish Rail) or the regional transportation company Västtrafik. SJ: Telephone +46 (0)771-75 75 75 Västtrafik: +46(0)771-41 43 00

Train ticket prices may vary depending on how far in advance you buy the ticket and how old you are. To receive a student discount, you must be a student at a Swedish university and be able to show proof of this, as well as a valid student card. For details on which documents are valid with which companies, contact them directly or look for the information on their websites. If you are under 26 years of age, you automatically receive a lower price (usually the same as the student discount). The cheapest train ticket prices for students and youth under 26 can be found if you purchase a so-called "last minute" ticket, in Swedish "sista minuten". There are also other tickets to choose from, for more information see SJ's website As a general rule of thumb, unless you buy last minute tickets, the prices are always cheaper the further in advance you purchase your tickets.

It takes two hours by fast train and three and a half hours by InterCity train to get from Stockholm to Skövde. It takes one hour by fast train and one and a half hours by InterCity or regional train to get from Gothenburg to Skövde.

If you arrive in Stockholm or Gothenburg by air and intend to go by train from there to Skövde, you also need transportation from the airport to the central station. There are bus transfers available in both cities.

By car

If you are driving from southern Europe to Sweden, one option is to go by ferry from Germany to Sweden. Take the ferry to either Ystad or Gothenburg (Göteborg). Gothenburg is closer to Skövde, as it is only a two hour drive. You can also take a ferry from Germany to Denmark, and then drive across the bridge connecting Copenhagen and Malmö. There is a fee for crossing the bridge.

Pick-up service

If you arrive during one of the specific University "arrival days", in order to settle in and participate in the Introduction Programme, then a pick-up service will be provided, during specific hours. The pick-up service normally takes you from the train station in Skövde to your accommodation in Skövde. At arrival on other days or if you will be staying outside Skövde you must arrange this transportation on your own.

When you arrive at the train station in Skövde, you can either take the bus or a taxi to your accommodation. The bus stop for local buses is located just outside the station. The regional bus company has offices inside the train station. If you prefer to call for a taxi, the phone numbers are 0500-49 49 49 or 0500-41 65 00.To pick up the key for your room or apartment (on days other than arrival days), you should contact the Accommodation Service, If you arrive on a weekend, please contact the Accommodation Service in advance for information on where you can pick up your key.

The pick-up service will take place 13th - 14th of January and the Arrival Form will be updated as soon as you have received your placement.

Pick up Service - Arrival Form

Arrival form

If you have arranged accommodation through the University, the Student Accommodation Service and International Committee provides a pick-up service and drives you to your house, the 13th - 14th of January 2020, between 10.00 - 22.00.
If you have arranged your accommodation through the University and will arrive another day, please contact
I wish to be picked up at Skövde train station
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