Deferment of studies

If you have been admitted to a course or programme at a specific semester, but are unable to attend your studies, you may apply for deferment of the start of your studies. Deferment may be granted, if there are special circumstances of such character that you lack influence over.

Deferment for tuition fee paying students

If you are a tuition fee paying student and have paid your tuition fee you may apply for a deferral on ground like mandatory military service, severe medical illness or similar forced situations. Deferral is in general not granted on grounds like insufficient economy or non-valid travel documents.

To apply for deferment you need to fill out a form and attach documentation that authenticate your reasons for deferment of studies. The application should be sent to the University of Skövde as soon as you know you can´t attend your studies.

If you have been granted deferment of studies and want to claim studies:

  • You should apply to the course or programme at before application deadline at the date specified start of studies in your decision about deferment. When you apply you also need to upload a copy of the decision to the admission service.
  • If you do not follow the instructions above, you will lose your place at the course or programme.


Application for deferment of studies


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