Course information

In Studentportalen you will find information about your studies in general, while the learning platform Scio will provide you with specific course-related information. You can for instance, in Studenportalen, view your schedule, course plans, and results. This is also where you sign up for written examinations and print transcripts. In Scio, your teachers will share information regarding the courses that you are registered for.

In Studentportalen you can:

  • access course material in Scio
  • sign up for examinations
  • apply for a degree certificate
  • register for courses
  • find all information regarding your course or programme
  • see all your results
  • access e-mail addresses to other students
  • create certificates
  • participate in course evaluations
  • customize your own pages with news feeds and other function

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About the learning platform Scio

Scio, based on Sakai, is the learning and collaboration platform of the University of Skövde. Scio is used between teachers and students to share information, collaborate and communicate during an ongoing course. As a registered student you will be automatically added to the course site and be able to access its information when logging in to Scio through Studentportalen, provided that Scio is used on that specific course.

You may also create your own sites to which you can invite other students, teachers or external participants to collaborate, communicate or share information.


  • If you have questions regarding user account, password or Scio, please contact our IT-helpdesk.
  • If you have questions regarding your personal information in Studentportalen, admissions, registration, results, examinations etc., please contact the Student Affairs Office.