At the University of Skövde we ses internationalisation as a natural part of higher education. An international perspective should always be a part of the work of the University in order to guarantee high quality. Internationalisation work should be included in all areas of the University, involving all of its departments and schools.

Our goal is to achieve an efficient internationalisation of all our education programmes and courses. Furthermore, we want to encourage student exchange and teacher exchange as well as develop our study programmes, or parts of them, to make them more suitable for internationalisation.

Exchange programmes

The University of Skövde is actively taking part in several international exchange agreements and networks. Most of the student, teacher and staff exchanges take place within the European scholarship programme Erasmus. Within this programme, students, teachers and administrative staff can apply for a scholarship. The exchange can take place at some of the partner universities in Europe which the University has an agreement with.

The University of Skövde also takes part in Nordplus, a programme that offers exchanges within the Nordic and the Baltic countries. Through the Linneaus- Palme exchange programme, which is financed by Sida, the University of Skövde runs an amount of projects with universities in developing countries. Students can also apply for a Minor Field Studies (MFS) scholarship, a scholarship that enables students who are going to write their thesis the possibility to make a minor field study in a developing country. The University also takes part in an Erasmus-Mundus network called Lamenitec, a network between institutions in Europe and Latin America.

Partner universities

When working with internationalisation it is important for the University to develop new and attractive exchange agreements with universities abroad as well as manage the current agreements. The University of Skövde has about a hundred of active agreements in about thirty countries.


At the University of Skövde, internationalisation is coordinated by the International Coordinators at the International Office (IO). The International Office is independent area of work, under the department of Academic Affairs and Student Support, and it is run by Kassie Sundin, Head of Academic Affairs and Student Support Office.

The International Coordinators administrate the University's agreements and scholarships in addition to dealing with all the teacher and staff exchanges within the Erasmus programme.

The International coordinators also have contact with students who are going to write their thesis within the MFS-programme.

Together with the department of Coordination and Communications Office, the International Coordinators also work with the international marketing of the University. Additionally, in every department at each school within the University there is an international contact person who also plays an important part in the work of internationalisation.

Jörgen Hansson, Head of School of Informatics, has the strategic responsibility for the University's internationalisation.



Jörgen Hansson
Strategic Manager of Internationalisation
Head of School/Professor
School of Informatics
Phone: 0500-448310


Erasmus+ Charter
Erasmus+ Policy Statement