Ulf Wilhelmsson

Ulf Wilhelmsson

Associate Professor Media Arts, Aesthetics and Narration

School of Informatics

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Ulf Wilhelmsson holds a Ph.D from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Ulf Wilhelmsson is currently associate professor at the School of informatics, division of game development at the University of Skövde, Sweden. His research interests lies within games, game audio, embodied cognition, player agency and inclusive game design. He is currently working on the project KidCOG2, in which a table top handheld augmented reality game for raising young children's risk awareness online is in focus. The resulting game has been released during the fall of 2019.


Selected publications


Can you send me a photo?" - A Game-Based Approach for Increasing Young Children’s Risk Awareness to Prevent Online Sexual Grooming. Susi, T., Torstensson, T. , Wilhelmsson, U. Paper accepted for DiGRA 2019


Ulf Wilhelmsson